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Lyfe the Hard Way

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Born and raised on the tough streets of West Baltimore, Lyfe Jenkins tries to keep is heroin operation afloat while having to deal with his treacherous competitors and narcotics detectives all gunning for his head. It’s a maze he has to deal with each day he steps outside his front door to make ends meet. Trickery, deceit, and murder come with The game in this part of the city as Lyfe handles it as a seasoned veteran in the drug game. Lyfe has been dealt a hand of misfortune as he is hit with a stiff sentence he has to serve in the Maryland State Penitentiary at such a young age for his illicit activities on the streets. There, he continues his business and meets someone on the inside who assists him with regaining his freedom, but at a cost. Read on as you will not set this book down from all the action and intrigue you’ll find on each page. Truly a must-read.